How to Become A Photo Booth Extraordinaire!

Take a look at the photo app on your phone. How many photos do you have saved? Now look at your social media, how many photos have you uploaded? How about your friends? I think we can agree that photos are a key part of society and everyone’s personal lives.

Why is that? What do we, as humans, gain from these photos? Why do we keep taking photos? Memories. We want to remember that everyday moment and the special occasion. We want to remember our friends, our family, and the amazing scenic view. Most importantly, we want to remember how we felt in that moment and be able to relive it.

You clearly already love photography! What if you could play a part in making and recording those moments? Your business could be seeing smiles all the time and know you are making someone’s day!

Photo Booths are quickly becoming an event staple with a growing trend. According to Global Market Insights, the photo booth market was valued at $400 million USD in 2020 and set to grow at 16% from 2021 – 2027.

What does it take to be a part of this amazing and fun industry?

First, you need to determine your personal drive and ability to run a small business. Are you ready to take your passion for photos and market your product? Do you have a vision of how your business will change your future? Awesome! Let’s talk about the details then.
The next step is to do some research on the equipment and materials needed for your business.

  • The booth or stand
  • Camera (Digital point and shoot or a tablet device)
  • Filters
  • Lighting
  • Backdrop
  • Props

Photo booth equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, and quality. It is important to get an idea of what is available and what you would feel comfortable using.

Funding is also very important! Consider how you will be financing start-up costs. While researching equipment, keep your budget in mind and what equipment meets your budgetary needs. Determine what ongoing expenses may be and how much you will need to charge for
your services. Some photo booths charge per photo taken while others charge by event. You will need to do some research on average pricing in your market area.

Location, location, location! What is your target market? Photo booths are quickly becoming popular attractions at weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties and local events. Some venues and attractions even have permanent installations.

Marketing your business effectively is just as important as the equipment. Network with friends and business owners. Consider speaking with your local chamber of commerce or town for opportunities to provide services. Create a friendly website highlighting your photo booth
business. Don’t forget to create social media accounts and share them with your friends. Show off your work!

To learn more about building a photo booth business, contact ATA Photo Booths at 888-530-6661 or check out their website at