What is an iPad photo booth?

If you’ve decided you’re ready to start your photo booth business, the next step is choosing the right photo booth setup for success. When you think “photo booth,” does a large box with a slow camera and even slower printer come to mind? Not with an iPad photo booth! An iPad photo booth is user-friendly, social media savvy, and can even help you build a database for future clients. iPad photo booths are excellent for taking quick snaps that perfectly capture people and events. They are sleek, easy to set up, and even easier to use. What is an iPad photo booth?

An iPad photo booth utilizes an iPad for a camera, instead of a traditional camera set up, like a DSLR. iPad photo booths eliminate the extra equipment that is necessary with a DSLR photobooth; all you need is an iPad or tablet, the photo booth stand, and a printer if preferred. iPad photo booths include a ring light in the stand for professional-quality lighting in any environment. Because the camera, display screen, and software are all in one place, photos are easy to take and simple to share.

iPad photo booths are as intuitive to use as an iPad or tablet. The touch screen is accessible for all users, while the photo booth shell protects your equipment. The built-in ring light means no adjustments are needed in low-light environments…just set it up once and your guests are ready to take picture-perfect photos with the press of a button.

Printing and sharing digital photos to social media doesn’t get any easier than with an iPad photo booth. Wirelessly print a copy for your guest, and then allow them to upload their photo to social media or email. You can even customize your prints or digital copies with your business name and logo to increase brand awareness. Analytics software allows you to track data and store customer information directly to the cloud so you can build your reputation and grow your business.

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