What is an iPad photo booth?

By Brandi Musgrave / December 22, 2021

If you’ve decided you’re ready to start your photo booth business, the next step is choosing the right photo booth setup for success. When you think “photo booth,” does a large box with a slow camera and even slower printer come to mind? Not with an iPad photo booth! An iPad photo booth is user-friendly,…

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What is a DSLR photo booth?

By Brandi Musgrave / December 8, 2021

When you’re ready to start your photo booth business, the next step is deciding on a photo booth! If you want something that is high-quality, durable for long-term use as your business grows, and capable of shooting professional photos quickly, a DSLR photo booth is just what you need. What is a DSLR photo booth?…

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How to Become A Photo Booth Extraordinaire!

By Brandi Musgrave / December 1, 2021

Take a look at the photo app on your phone. How many photos do you have saved? Now look at your social media, how many photos have you uploaded? How about your friends? I think we can agree that photos are a key part of society and everyone’s personal lives. Why is that? What do…

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Events Ideas to Grow Your Business

By Brandi Musgrave / November 24, 2021

Welcome to the business of making memories. The only question now is where will you and your photo booth go?  Photo booths make every event fun, exciting and memorable. There is a world of opportunity! Weddings – Photography during a wedding is as timeless as the white dress and flower bouquet. Family and guests will…

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Booking Your First Photo Booth Event

By madwire / April 15, 2021

  Create a Checklist In order to ensure that you have everything you need on the day of your event, make yourself a checklist well in advance that has everything you need to bring, and we mean everything. From the photo booth itself to the traveling case, printer, stand, printer cover, backdrop, and any other…

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