ARL160W Strobe Flash with LED Modeling Light

ARL160W Strobe Flash with LED Modeling Light

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Product Highlights

160 Watt-Seconds
Lightweight Polycarbonate Design
Accepts Softboxes Without Speed Ring
5.8″ Stand Mount
Built-in Umbrella Receptacle
Optical Slave
Includes PC to Mini Sync Cord

Package includes:

1x 160W Strobe light
1x LED Modeling light
1x Power Cord
1x Sync Cord

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ARL160W Overview

Our ARL160W Stand Mount Flash with LED Modeling Light  is a lightweight monolight with straightforward features that make it ideal for most applications. The 160-watt second strobe features a bright LED modeling lamp that, unlike its quartz counterparts, is virtually maintenance-free. And instead of lasting 100 hours, the LED typically lasts approximately 25,000 hours.

Our ARL160W has a built-in optical slave for wireless triggering, a sync cord for direct firing from your camera, a built-in umbrella receptacle, and a 5/8″ standard stand mount. It accepts Impact’s 50 x 50 cm (FF-SB50) and 50 x 70 cm (FF-SB70) Softboxes without a speed ring thanks to the head’s built-in flex rod holes. An easy-to-mount barndoor set with filters, filter frame, and a honeycomb grid (SF-BDK) are available as optional accessories, as is a snoot (SF-SNT) with its own removable grid. A selectable flash output is full and 1/2 power