DNP DS620A Printer Cover

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Complete your set-up with a built-in catch tray. The catch tray protects your printer from people trying to pull out photos out of the printer causing it to jam.

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This aluminum DNP-DS620A Printer Cover is compatible with your DNP-DS620A Dye-Sub Printer or your Sinfonia CS2 Dye-Sub Printer and protects it from customers who try to pull their photo from the printer before it is done printing. It’s easily installed by just sliding it over the printer itself. With this printer cover you can protect your printer from jamming and keep your business running smoothly at each and every event. Get the photobooth supplies you’re looking for to build a successful business at ATA Photobooths today.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in

Black, White

1 review for DNP DS620A Printer Cover

  1. Nicholas Pindale

    This is the third time I’ve had to write this review because it keeps getting removed, which is extremely unethical…

    I bought this for my Sinfonia CS2, which the product description says it is compatible with. I would not recommend this cover for a Sinfonia CS2 as it does not work, at all, with 4×6 prints. It also has issues with 2×6 prints. There is too much room length-wise as well. Since the printer moves a bit while printing, it shakes the printer cover and eventually moves it in such a way that the 2×6 prints don’t print out correctly (they fall inside the case and do not come out in the opening). This cover requires constant adjusting and monitoring to prevent prints from being jammed in the CS2 printer, regardless of 2×6 or 4×6 prints.

    In addition to the above issues, I had actually ordered a completely different printer cover (which I had bought in the past and love), but I received this one instead because they discontinued the original one I ordered, which was specifically designed for the Sinfonia CS2. Customer support stopped responding to me after a few messages and did nothing to resolve the fact that they sent me a (similar but) different product than what I ordered and that the one I received is practically unusable for my printer.

    It’s been nearly 2 years since I made my purchase so I hope adjustments have been made to resolve both of these issues for the Sinfonia CS2 by now, but the product picture is the same so I see no reason to believe it has been. I will not be ordering this cover again for my Sinfonia CS2.

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