T20R V2 (Razor) Photo Booth DIY Shell

T20R V2 (Razor) Photo Booth DIY Shell

$1,900.00 $1,750.00

Vinyl wrapping die cut available upon request!


The immense success of our T20R V1 photo booth has encouraged us to bring out this thinner, lighter, and better model. The T20R V2 is a fantastic looking booth that you will be proud to take out any sort of event that you are hired for. Despite the quality construction and attractive design, this is also an affordable booth that will let you start your new business in the best possible way

Whats included?

  • 1x Tilting Head enclosure
  • 2 uprights
  • 1 Base plate
  • Rubber knobs and Bolts
  • External Strobe Flash Rod
  • ANGEL EYE dimmable Ringlight

Supported Strobe Flash

  • Alienbees ABR800
  • Formito DVR-240DF
  • Most external Strobe Flash

Whats else do i need?

Supported Monitor (please let us know which monitor you will be using)

  • Dell 2240T touchscreen Monitor
  • Planar PCT2265 22″ touchscreen

Whats Overall Size & Weight?

  • Head unit 23″L x 28″H x 7″D
  • Weight  50lbs (w/o equipments)


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