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The Lumia M is ATA’s signature, best selling photobooth. The portability and flexibility of the Lumia M makes it an attractive booth choice for both booth owners and end clientele as well. The true 2-in-1 design of the Lumia allows for a traditional DSLR booth in the front and the option to add an iPad booth in the back. The removeable bounce card allows the flexibility of switching between the bounce card system and the traditional umbrella lighting, with ease.

What our Customers say

Always top notch equipment. Bought 4-5 hashtag printers and many printer covers from ATA. Nothing but the best! They machine/cut their equipment perfect every time, powder coat is super durable... can't wait for the next order!

Gregory Burt

I always feel at home, when I go by ATA for advise or to make a purchase

Ken Logan

I've spent a solid month researching which booth to go with, and am very pleased with my decision to go with ATA

Thomas Loyd Coiner

I ordered a Mior mirror Photobooth from ATA and was very impressed with the quality and elegance of the product

Logan Gage Barrow

I have nothing but great experience with ATA Photobooths, from my purchase of the Helio Slim to the repairs when it fell over

Matt Wescott

My very 1st booth purchase and couldn’t be happier. Build quality was amazing. Thank you Marlon

Thomas Smith

I purchased an ATA lumia a few months ago and love it! Very high quality construction and a modern look that will age well.

Darren Drake

Hi Marlon, just wanted to write to thank you for the wheels with the locks. What a difference.. also...we were at a Bridal Fair on Sunday along with many djs with the typical crap booths. But, what was so interesting was another DJ had a Mirror Me Booth yet our Mior was the hit of the room. We drew a crowd all day and booked 2 right there. The DJ's were faking selfies in front of our space just to get the Mior in. I know it’s great business for you but we are enjoying having the latest and the greatest! Thanks again!

Mark Pastor
New model
The Original Ring Roamer
The Newest Craze In Photo Booths
Ever felt left out of a party? Are you a photo boother looking for something new to add to your booth options? Are you a DJ looking to add a little Pizzazz to the dance floor?

Well, then the Ring Roamer Is perfect for you! Invented by ATA Photobooths and Manufactured by ATA Photobooths the leading Photo Booth Manufacturer in the US, the Ring Roamer is a 3 lb. unit made to Roam the party!
Perfect for any type of event who already has photo booths, or new event types like festivals, sporting events and bar crawls.
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Limited Quantity
Mior Mirror Photo Booth
Don’t break your bank, don’t break your back! Our MiOR is the most compact and lightweight mirror booth you’ll ever find. Featuring 40 in. 4K screen with built-in Xenon Strobe Flash plus speaker to entertain your customer. Design, and made in USA!
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new Model
The Marquee Photo Booth DIY Shell is an exceptional model and because of its market appeal, it is recommended to photo booth rental companies, event planners, wedding planners, and party rental companies.
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Why pay extra on another iPad Booth when you can buy them both for a price of 1? Our innovative Lumia Pro is a 2-in-1 Booth a DSLR photo booth in the front with an iPad photo booth on the back. This is the photo booth you need and the photo booth your clients will love!

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Remember when you buy a Photo Booth From ATA you are supporting an American Job!