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Our Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth and Sapphire Helio Photobooth make it easier than ever to build your photobooth business. The Sapphire Ring Roamer makes a great addition to any existing photobooth business, as it allows you to take the photobooth to the people. For a more complete setup, choose the Sapphire Helio Photobooth that includes a stand for your ring roamer and sharing options that are accessible on the stand itself. Keep reading to learn more about our Sapphire collection, and contact us at ATA Photobooths with any questions you may have!

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Benefits of Choosing an iPad Photobooth:

  • Professional photobooth setup
  • Easy setup less parts that moves
  • Compatible with iPad 12.9 3rd Gen
  • Built-in RGB-W halo ring light
  • Save all images and data directly to the cloud

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Sapphire Ring Roamer

  • Fully mobile
  • Built-in halo ring light
  • Just over 3 lbs
  • Made for the 11” iPad Pro
  • Custom-engineered programmable lights
  • Revolutionary glass protects your iPad while offering touch-control
  • Available in black or white
  • Safely store customer information in the cloud
  • Stand not included
  • Can be converted into Stand alone

Sapphire Helio Photobooth

  • Professional photobooth presentation
  • Branded photos and customizable messages
  • Halo ring light for enhanced lighting
  • Supports a 12.9” 3rd Gen iPad Pro
  • iPad not included
  • Rolling case available with purchase
  • Available in black or white
  • Highly stable aluminum base

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At ATA Photobooths, we are committed to providing everything you need to jumpstart your photobooth business. Our collection of Sapphire photobooths makes it easy to start and build a successful business. Shop all of our photobooth supplies and accessories today, and contact ATA Photobooths about any questions you may have before getting started.

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